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Hollander v. Hollander

Dentist’s solo practice, including its goodwill, is marital property.

Year: 1994 | State: MD

Strauss v. Strauss

Valuation of dental practice reversed where it did not separate general goodwill of business from personal goodwill.

Year: 1994 | State: MD

Prahinski v. Prahinski

To be marital property subject to valuation and distribution in a divorce proceeding, professional goodwill must be a marketable asset distinct from personal reputation and not dependent upon the continued presence of the particular individual.

Year: 1988 | State: MD

Prahinski v. Prahinski

Maryland adopts minority view and holds that the goodwill of a solo law practice is not includable in the marital estate upon divorce. The goodwill is personal to the attorney and is not severable from his or her reputation.

Year: 1988 | State: MD

Gaskill v. Robbins

Failure to distinguish between personal and enterprise goodwill in valuing an oral surgery practice was error, as was averaging the results of different valuation results.

Year: 2009 | State: KY

Gomez v. Gomez

No goodwill in radiology practice affirmed.

Year: 2005 | State: KY

Clark v. Clark

Gynecologist practice does not have saleable goodwill in this case, but there may be in other cases if there is evidence of sales value which does not depend on the future participation of the professional spouse.

Year: 1990 | State: KY

Yoon v. Yoon

Unlike enterprise goodwill, personal goodwill which depends on the continued presence of a particular individual is not divisible in a divorce.

Year: 1999 | State: IN

Berger v. Berger

Part of value for dental practice was a restrictive covenant which represented goodwill and should be divided.

Year: 1995 | State: IN

In Re Marriage of Schneider

Personal goodwill should have been included in the valuation of dental practice where wife had waived maintenance.

Year: 2003 | State: IL

In Re Marriage of Tulty

Goodwill of automobile dealership may have been double counted. Court must distinguish between personal goodwill and enterprise goodwill.

Year: 1995 | State: IL

In Re Marriage of Trull

Solo dental practice goodwill is ability to acquire future income, which is not a divisible asset.

Year: 1993 | State: IL

In Re Marriage of Zells

An attorney’s professional goodwill is not a divisible marital asset.

Year: 1991 | State: IL

Antolik v. Harvey

No goodwill in chiropractic practice in this instance (although goodwill might be divisible under other circumstances). Court excludes value for “patient’s charts.” No enforceable legal right to husband’s continued services.

Year: 1988 | State: HI

Schmidt v. Schmidt

Personal or professional goodwill, as distinguished from enterprise good will, is not a marital asset. Necessity of covenant not to compete is significant.

Year: 2013 | State: FL

Walton v. Walton

Inclusion of goodwill in accounting practice is reversed.

Year: 1995 | State: FL

Thompson v. Thompson

Professional goodwill acquired during marriage is includable if it is distinct from the professional spouse’s reputation.

Year: 1991 | State: FL

Ombres v. Ombres

No goodwill in ophthalmology practice.

Year: 1990 | State: FL

McDiarmid v. McDiarmid

Professional goodwill can be marital property, although in this case, law firm partnership agreement controls.

Year: 1994 | State: DC

Eslami v. Eslami

Medical practice may have distributable goodwill. Comparable sales would be the most persuasive evidence of such value, but capitalization of excess earnings was also permissible.

Year: 1991 | State: CT