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Eslami v. Eslami

Medical practice may have distributable goodwill. Comparable sales would be the most persuasive evidence of such value, but capitalization of excess earnings was also permissible.

Year: 1991 | State: CT

In Re Marriage of Banning

Goodwill of husband’s interest in professional practice is a martial asset.

Year: 1999 | State: CO

Brave v. Brave

Husband had personal goodwill in restaurant as he was essential to its success.

Year: 2013 | State: AR

Tortorich v. Tortorich

Oral surgery practice had no goodwill as it has no continuing patient base or continuing costumers.

Year: 1995 | State: AR

Wright v. Wright

Automobile transport business has goodwill and is properly valued using capitalization of excess earnings method.

Year: 1995 | State: AK