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In Re Marriage of Lueck v. Lueck

Court erred in dismissing contempt action under Wis. Stats. §893.02 (Statute of repose) where wife began receiving retirement benefits without paying Husband contrary to divorce judgement, even though divorce was over 20 years before. A motion and OSC does not “commence an action” under that section. (Not published, but citable.)

Year: 2011 | State: WI

Sulzer v. Diedrich

Imposition of a constructive trust is appropriate where husband died prior to retirement funds being divided, but the trust should include the investment experience on ex-wife’s portion of the retirement accounts through the date of payment.

Year: 2003 | State: WI

Marriage of Mausing v. Mausing

Court may order that pension payments continue after death. Court may order that nonemployee’s estate or named beneficiary receive share of benefits after non-employee’s death.

Year: 1988 | State: WI

McDermott v. McDermott

Employee’s options as to payment of his pension benefits may be limited by a divorce court to ensure that the spouse will not be deprived of his or her equitable share.

Year: 1986 | State: NY